3 Ways Mobile Apps Can Boost Your Email Marketing

Does your email marketing strategy start with a signup & end with a send? Are all of your conversions happening solely on your websites? Are you typically out of the office & struggling to write engaging content?

If so, it is time to level up & do more with email on-the-go.

An effective email marketing plan is always on, always connected and constantly working for you & your business – much like your trusted mobile phone/tablet.

Here are 3 strategies to help you visualize the data that drives your success, grow your list and create a strategic workflow for curating engaging email content.

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Let your email stats tell a story

Your email marketing statistics are not just numbers. They tell an important story about how your audiences interact with the content you send them.

Your email stats are not just numbers. They tell a story about how your audience interacts with your…

Open & click rates may rise and fall based on the time you send a message/the subject lines you craft. Subscriber development may vary based on day of the week. Maybe that last email sent yielded some spam complaints worth investigating. Keeping track of these email marketing metrics could help you determine the actions you could take to support your campaigns over time.

Do you notice a dip in click-through rate? Try a new tactic like only using one call-to-action, segmenting your emails/creating a greater sense of urgency. Are subscribers unsubscribing, or losing interest? Maybe it is time to start asking for feedback, adding fun GIFs, test targeted content.

However, you decide to tweak your emails, you will not know where to start unless you look at your data. Keeping tabs on your email stats with a mobile app could help check out performance wherever you are.

Customer Pro-tip: With the AWeber Stats App, the stories come to life through attractive & intuitive visualizations. Easily navigate your email lists to view subscriber, broadcast & follow up statistics. Don’t take my word for it – download today & see it in action.

Never leave home without your sign up form

Many marketers employ an email strategy of set it & forget it: A sign up form goes on the site, an autoresponder does all the work, and as long as traffic is consistent, the list develops, the emails get sent, and sales start rolling in.

Sounds ideal, right?

While this may feel like a marketer’s dream, there’re plenty of off-site conversions that are being left on the table.

When you meet a person that could benefit from your emails or offers, there is a huge opportunity to

A way to aggregate physical email addresses is with a traditional pen-and-paper list or by collecting business cards. Let your future subscribers know that you will be manually adding them to an email list. You can use text-to-join apps, or a mobile sign up form app.

Customer Pro-tip: Using Atom App, you could hand off a mobile sign up form or set up a digital kiosk & add subscribers in real world settings.

Use content curation to save time and deliver value

A winning formula for saving time and money is balancing original content creation & strategic content curation.

According to 74% of marketers, curation is an important part of their content strategy, and 85% say they use curated content to establish themselves as thought leaders.

85 percent of marketers say they use curated content to establish themselves as thought leaders.

The best ways to deliver curated content? Through an attractive & modern email newsletter.

Meet Curate.

Using Curate is simple. Save any content you want to share to the app. Curate will automatically format your content into a newsletter that you could edit and personalize for your subscribers.

Customer Pro-Tip: The AWeber team grew Curate to streamline the curation, creation, and delivery of the email content. Discovered something on the web your subscribers would appreciate? Download it now & start building the perfect newsletter.

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